PetaLibrary Billing

General information

PetaLibrary allocations are billed on a per-TB basis. Service begin and end dates are rounded to the nearest whole month. Refunds are not provided, but you may transfer space between allocations. For example, if you purchase two 5 TB allocations for one year, and after six months no longer need one of the them, you may reallocate that space to the remaining allocation, and have one 10 TB allocation for the remaining six months.

Services dates

The University of Colorado fiscal year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Whenever possible, we will not bill for PetaLibrary services across multiple fiscal years. What this means is that for new allocations, we will bill through the end of the current fiscal year, and follow up with annual renewals. If you have grant begin and end dates that do not line up with the university fiscal year, we will break up the time period based on the begin and end dates of the fiscal year, and handle billing in two transactions, each within the appropriate fiscal year.

If you have grant constraints that demand that we will across multiple fiscal years, such as a multi-year grant that may be depleted of funds near the end of the grant period, we will find a way to make things work. This is only to inform you that billing across fiscal years increases the complexity that our Finance, Planning & Procurement office has to deal with, and that we will avoid doing so when possible.


When a PetaLibrary billable event occurs, such as a request for additional storage or a renewal being due, Research Computing will generate an invoice. The invoice details the services being billed for, and include a speedtype. For new allocations, the speedtype will be the one provided on the new allocation request form. For renewals or additional space, the speedtype will be the last one used for the allocation in question. A Journal ID will also be provided, which allows you to find the university transaction in which funds are moved between speedtypes.

The invoice specifies a time frame for you to contact us to make changes. If anything on the invoice is incorrect, please notify us right away, and we will issue a new invoice. If we do not hear from you within the specified time frame, we will proceed with the charges outlined in the invoice.

If a PetaLibrary allocation has one or more billing contacts defined, invoices are emailed to the billing contacts, and copied to the allocation owner. If no billing contacts are defined, invoices are emailed to the owner.

View a sample invoice

Retirement of old billing procedure

Starting March 1 2022, Research Computing is changing the billing procedure for PetaLibrary allocations. Historically an email conversation for each billing transaction would take place, confirming the service dates, speedtype(s) to use, and amounts. Once the transaction went through, handled by OIT Finance, Planning & Procurement office, a receipt would be generated and delivered to the customer.

As the number of PetaLibrary allocations has increased, it isn’t practical to have an email conversation for each transaction.