CSU and XSEDE usernamesΒΆ

Your CURC username, which is represented by the environment variable $USER, has an @ symbol in it (for example, janedoe@colostate.edu or johndoe@xsede.org).

The @ symbol can occasionally be misinterpreted by environments that employ PERL. This may occur within a stand-alone PERL application, or within a conda-based application that employs PERL packages. As a workaround symbolic link to your /home/$USER, /projects/$USER and /scratch/alpine/$USER directories that do not have @ symbols have been created for all CSU and XSEDE users. Below is an example of the symbolic links that are setup for the hypothetical user janedoe@colostate.edu:

/home/.colostate.edu/janedoe β†’ /home/janedoe@colostate.edu

/projects/.colostate.edu/janedoe β†’ /projects/janedoe@colostate.edu

/scratch/alpine/.colostate.edu/janedoe β†’ /scratch/alpine/janedoe@colostate.edu

An easy way to use these alternate usernames is to set a $USER2 environment variable by adding the following line in your ~.bashrc file:

export USER2=$(echo $USER |  awk -F@ '{print "."$2"/"$1}')

This will yield a $USER2 value of (e.g.) .colostate.edu/janedoe such that /home/$USER2 is equivalent to /home/$USER, /projects/$USER2 is equivalent to /projects/$USER, an so on.