Allocation Statistics


Research Computing has implemented a background task called alloc_stats on the PetaLibrary cluster hosts to allow a PetaLibrary allocation owner and group members to view the usage statistics and the sizes of individual subdirectories in their allocation. This process collects this information hourly and deposits it in a file in the allocation base directory called .cstats.


The usage statistics file for an allocation contains the following information:

  • time and date of latest alloc_stats run
  • overall statistics: allocated, available, and used space in the allocation; data and snapshot usages reported separately
  • user statistics including user name, space used  and number of objects (files and directories)

The .cstats file is an ordinary text file. It is readable only by users who are members of the group associated with the PetaLibrary allocation.

When logged into CURC systems, you can query these statistics from the command line as follows:

cat /pl/active/<allocation_name>/.cstats

For example, to get the usage information on the /pl/active/rcops allocation, enter

cat /pl/active/rcops/.cstats

This will produce the following output:

Date/Time: 2022-09-05 04:00:08 PM

Allocation Name: penc3/rcops

Overall Statistics:

Allocated Space: 27T

Available Space: 9.9T

Used Space: 18T
  -used by data:       14T
  -used by snapshots:  3.8T

User Statistics:

            UserName      UsedData     UsedObjects
            datr2651	      666K	      1007