CU Research Computing’s Summit cluster was officially retired on March 1, 2023 in favor of Alpine, the third generation CURC High Performance Computing Cluster. Users looking to transition to Alpine can reference the Alpine Quick-Start Guide for additional information.

Summit was the second-generation HPC cluster at University of Colorado Research Computing, following Janus. Summit was an NSF-Funded cluster shared between the University of Colorado, Colorado State University, and institutions in the Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortuium (RMACC).

Acknowledging Summit

Users needing to acknowledge the Summit supercomputer in publications may use the following:

“This work utilized the RMACC Summit supercomputer, which is supported by the National Science Foundation (awards ACI-1532235 and ACI-1532236), the University of Colorado Boulder, and Colorado State University. The Summit supercomputer is a joint effort of the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University.”