The PetaLibrary

Use the PetaLibrary to store, archive and share research data.

  • Minimum project size: 2 TB
  • 2 classes of storage: active and archive
    • 5 different storage options within these classes
    • See our website for pricing information
  • New customers are limited to either
    • 75 TB in Active Storage, or
    • 100 TB in Archive Storage
    • Email to request more space if necessary

PetaLibrary access is subject to the PetaLibrary Terms of Service.

Accessing the PetaLibrary

Request access to the PetaLibrary by:

Each person who accesses the PetaLibrary is required to have a Research Computing account and two-factor authentication.

Your PetaLibrary allocation will have a name that is selected by you. For example, Jane Doe might name her lab’s allocation jdoe_lab.

  • To access active storage: Log in to a Research Computing via and navigate to: /pl/active/<your_allocation_name> (e.g., /pl/active/jdoe_lab)
  • To access archive storage: Archive storage is located at: /pl/archive/<your_allocation_name>

Note that access via the login nodes is not recommended for frequent or large read/writes of archived data.