Jupyter notebooks are an excellent resource for interactive development and data analysis using Python, R, and other languages. Jupyter notebooks can contain live code, equations, visualizations, and explanatory text which provide an excellent enviornment to use, learn, and teach interactive data analysis.

CU Research Computing (CURC) operates a JupyterHub server that enables users to run Jupyter notebooks on Amazon Web Services in support of research and education. This is currently a trail service restricted to a limited number of praticipants.

Logging in to CURC LabHub

CURC LabHub is available at To log in, use your University of Colorado email address and your IdentiKey password.

Logging out of CURC LabHub

In the File menu, the last option is Logout. You can also navigate directly to the logout page

Switching between Interfaces

JupyterHub can offer a variety of interfaces that may be available to you. The interfaces can be switched between by appending the proper name to the end of your workspace url. For Example, J. Doe logins in and has a base url of hxxps:// The following can replace the XXXX in the url to switch interfaces:

XXXX Description Example
lab JupyterLab interface (default) hxxps://
tree JupyterNotebook interface hxxps://
rstudio RStudio interface hxxps://
vscode Visual Studio Code interface hxxps://

Note: Access to the named interfaces may not be available to all users.