Clearing the Fog! Getting Started on CUmulus, a Near to the Ground On Campus Cloud Solution

What is CUmulus?

Cumulus is CU Research Computing’s free-to-use on-premise cloud service, which supports cases not well-suited for HPC such as web servers, databases, and long-running services.

Cumulus provides users with persistent or ongoing availability by allocating them a logically isolated section of the cloud

You get your own virtual “world” for experimentation - an environment that can be easily created/deleted.

  • Install Software
  • Administer your instance (you’re in control!)
  • Run applications and jobs
  • Interface w/ other CURC services: Blanca, Alpine, PetaLibrary

You can request specific resources (CPU, storage, memory) and can set up persistent storage.

How do I access CUmulus?

Step 1: Users will submit a proposal for your use case (email

Step 2: The CURC allocation committee reviews your proposal and provide feedback. This is an iterative process where we work with you to make sure the request for resources fits your (and our) needs.

Step 3: After iteration, a decision on your proposal is made. If awarded, you can proceed with creating a CUmulus instance and start using CUmulus!

Using CUmulus

Using CUmulus is best explained via a series of tutorials that enable you to learn in a hands-on manner. The first tutorial, “Creating a CUmulus Instance” is recommended for anyone using CUmulus. Subsequent tutorials are optional and cover some common use cases and may be useful for informing your how to set up your specific workflow.